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  • Registration at the conference will open at 7:30 am on June 19th.
  • A light breakfast will be provided starting at 8:00 am.
  • Conference presentations will begin at 9:00 am
  • Snacks and beverages will be provided throughout the day and during breaks.
  • We'll be releasing more details about the schedule, including lunch, as we nail down those details.

While we're still working out the final schedule check out all of the awesome presentations you'll see at React Loop 2020!

Kent C. Dodds
Opening Keynote
Michael Labriola
Just in time – When not to use memo and other ‘stateful’ techniques
Hooks are powerful but with cost. Memos can make code less performant and harder to reason about in some occasions, so when should we avoid them?
Matt Black
Declarative 3D Game Development with Fiber & Suspense
React's latest features have unlocked it's potential to power high-performing 2D and 3D games for web, mobile, and desktop. It's totally doable, more fun, and dare I say... feasible 😱 to build amazing games with React. I'll show you why and how. You'll gain more insight into React Fiber, Concurrent Mode and perhaps the very inspiration you need to put a game on Steam.
Stacey Sern
Demystifying JavaScript Modules
The original design of JavaScript did not make it easy to structure code and control access to variables. Attempts to address this problem over the years led to another problem: multiple competing module systems. With ES6, standardized modules have become part of the language. This talk will explain why we need modules, how different module systems developed and how the modules are structured. At the end, you should be able to make sense of IIFE, CommonJS, AMD, UMD and ES modules.
Ben Ilegbodu
TypeScript + React = ❤️
TypeScript is a JavaScript superset that compiles down to vanilla JavaScript and has become increasingly popular. TypeScript proponents proclaim that it eliminates entire classes of bugs that affect our applications. But what exactly are those bugs? Which ones are particular to building React components and applications? Is TypeScript worth the learning curve? In this session we'll walk through the common bugs that infect our apps and learn how the use of strong types with TypeScript can help prevent them. After the session, you'll be itching to try it out in your next project!
Rebecca Bailey
Konmari Your Code: Finding Joy in Refactoring
There’s something deeply satisfying about refactoring React components. Refactoring can help us to simplify, create a foundation for the future, and better communicate our intentions for our codebase. But nothing kills your joy like unintentional changes to existing logic! This talk shares some tips and tricks for stress-free refactoring, like aiming for simplification of logic over premature abstraction, and testing behavior without getting bogged down in implementation details. With a little bit of time and intentionality, we can keep the code that brings us joy and refactor all the rest.
Donavon West
Is My Garage Door Open?
React apps are cool, but they're even cooler if they actually do something in the real world. This talks will take you through the steps on creating a connected React app using Hooks and Firebase to provide real-time updates on the status of my garage door. I'll show the custom JavaScript "detector" code that is running as a Node.JS app on a Raspberry Pi.
Joe Duran
Much Ado About Buttons
Some people collect stamps, some people collect coins; I collect React implementations of buttons. As we all no doubt know, 90% of front end development is changing the text on buttons. Somewhere along the way I started saving every button I ran across in a folder on my desktop called "buttons". Then my computer got wiped and I lost them all. Luckily, I still had 10% of my time as a developer left over to scour the internet for React buttons, from the lean and mean to the great and terrible.
Ohans Emmanuel
Impossible Hooks: Lessons learned building the hardly possible
Two specific functionalities exist in class components today that hooks till date CANNOT replicate; getSnapshotBeforeUpdate and componentDidCatch.What could we learn if we decided to build these in 30 minutes? Be ready to get understanding of React and hooks in general challenged.
Ernesto Pye
Scaling up SSR’d React… by not using React
Rendering React on the server can be difficult and expensive to scale when serving millions of pages with frequently changing content. We’ll go over our specific approach to solve these problems, while meeting SEO and performance requirements. We’ll talk about how we streamlined server rendering, and then used React portals in ways you’ve likely never seen before, to maximize server-side throughput, regardless of your backend of choice. Popular alternatives commonly used to solve this problem will also be discussed, as well as why they didn't quite make the cut for us.
Emily Drevets
Descending Into and Then Ascending From Type Error Hell
Join this talk to learn about the Inferno, Purgatorio, and finally, Paradiso of using Typescript in a Redux / React application and how you too may find your way through the circles of hell into the circles of type-safe paradise.
Tyler McGinnis
Closing Keynote