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Convince your boss to send you to React Loop 2020

Our industry requires contant learning, training, and exposure to the brightest minds in our fields. Attending React Loop is a huge win with regard to all of these requirements and it's probably easy for you to see that potential. However, sometimes our employers need a little nudge in the right direction to see the the opportunity and how they too can benefit by sending you to React Loop 2020

Some tips to help convince your boss to send you to React Loop

Company Guidlines — There's gold in them there documents!
ROI — This is training!
Invite your boss
Make sure everyone benefits
Write the perfect email

Company Guidlines — There's gold in them there documents!

Somewhere in the stack of onboarding documents you perused when you first joined your organization there may already be a policy about funding educational efforts. Be sure to look through your organization's policies so that you can make an informed request to attend React Loop.

ROI — This is training!

Attending React Loop will expose you to a dozen topics presented by expert speakers. Show your boss the presenters and talk titles and explain that the amount of time it would take to learn these topics on your own would be much longer.

The conference will also allow networking opportunities unlike any other medium for meeting new people in your field. Widening your network means having more resources to learn, ask questions, and gain clarity. It's invaluable!

Invite your boss

Invite your boss to come and learn the latest in React as well. Conferences make great team-building experiences.

Make sure everyone benefits

Promise to share what you learn with the team. Commit to coming back and presenting the five or ten most important things that you learned by attending. If you can present the topics that apply to your organization the most, this will help make your attendance a clear win for your entire team.

Write the perfect email

Here's what an effective email might look like.

Hi <Boss>

Our team is working through some very tricky state management issues as of late and I believe we can solve these problems more efficiently, and for less money, with some additional training.

I found a conference that focuses on the exact issues that we are dealing with. It's called React Loop 2020 and it is packed with presentations on the latest techniques in React.

Date: June 19th 2020
Location: Chicago, IL
Cost: $229 (ticket) + $400 (airfare) + $200 (hotel) = $829

I would travel out on Thursday June 18th after work and be back for work the following Monday.

I plan on presenting to our team all of the information I gather at the conference.

-- Me

Good luck!

There a number of ways of getting your boss onboard with sending you to React Loop 2020 and we hope these tips help get the job done. See you in June!